Hiya, I'm Mira!

I got seriously into web 1.0 when I was only 8 years old. I started playing Neopets and realized that you can customize your profile page with HTML and CSS. When I expressed my interest in coding, my mom gave me her old study materials to help me learn. Now I build my professional websites with WordPress, but I still use the same skills I learned growing up and more!

This site, unlike my more "professional" ones, is made in pure HTML, CSS, and JS. It's an "FC2 Blog-like" (phrase coined by me) meaning it mimics the style of Japanese web corporation FC2. FC2 is still active, and it's where my visitor counter and web clap features are from!

I have advanced knowledge in CSS and aim to customize anything not made by me with my own aesthetic. The HTML Comment Box is highly customized, and I think I did a pretty good job so far! There are still some things I want to change.


  • Finished styling most of the site - 2022.5.11
  • Chose graphics from Fool Lovers and started styling site - 2022.5.7
  • Added clap function and visitor counter - 2022.5.4
  • Added comment box - 2022.4.30

To Dos

  • Style scrollbars
  • Get rid of dots separating comment box items
  • Make about me and coding tips pages
  • Clean up HTML and CSS
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